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Nesar Ahmad - Eternal waiting #3 (2021)

$11 000
Oil on Canvas, 200x130x5 cm
In stock
Product Details
Artist: Nesar Ahmad
Artist Origin: Indonesia
Medium: Oil
Year: 2021
Artwork Types: Painting
Signed and Dated: Lower Left
Colour: Multi
Subject Matter: Landscape
Styles and Movements: Surrealism
Size: Large

Curated by Gie Sanjaya

As an artist who was born in a conflict area like Afghanistan. Becoming a refugee is the best way for Afghans. The work outlined is a form of self-exploration of travel and time during refugees. The refugee journey is not an easy thing, but there are many new problems that must be faced. Many countries deny their existence. They do not get the right to work, continue formal education, a decent life. They lost their identity and did not get their human rights properly.

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