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Widodo Kabutdo - ISLAND QUARANTINE (2020)

$5 000
Acrylic on Canvas, 150x150x4 cm
In stock
Product Details
Artist: Widodo Kabutdo
Artist Origin: Indonesia
Medium: Acrylic
Year: 2020
Artwork Types: Painting
Signed and Dated: Middle
Colour: Brown
Subject Matter: Landscape
Styles and Movements: Surrealism
Size: Large

Curated by Vonny

This painting was inspired by the pandemic situation, where the artist's condition was in a very bad state. To fulfill his daily needs, Widodo took the initiative to make panada bread with his wife. They eventually learn how to prepare the ingredients, such as selecting the good fish. They see the positive side of the situation that when the situation is uncertain, they are able to live well with nutritious food. But there are also negative situations that they experience, such as the tense situation of traditional markets, when the threat of bacteria and viruses can be everywhere. Market residents who feel a tense situation when disinfectant is sprayed in every corner of the market, etc. When all these tense situations occurred, Widodo actually felt his own pleasure in the situation to be manifested in the form of a work.

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