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Widodo Kabutdo - LUMBUNG IWAK Seri situs (Batu lumbung) (2021)

$2 000
Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60x4 cm
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Product Details
Artist: Widodo Kabutdo
Artist Origin: Indonesia
Medium: Acrylic
Year: 2021
Artwork Types: Painting
Signed and Dated: "-"
Colour: Green
Subject Matter: Landscape
Styles and Movements: Surrealism
Size: Medium

Curated by Vonny

This painting was inspired by the Batu Lumbung site project from Semarang. Batu Lumbung is a hill that was once an agricultural field that was dug continuously and is now an area that is no longer suitable for cultivation. The nutrients from the soil turn bad. Due to the poor condition of the land, the people there routinely perform traditional rituals before the planting season begins. Now Batu Lumbung is a gathering place for fish from rock mounds.
According to local information, the area where the granary is an artificial lake. The people there spread fish seeds in the lake. People can take the fish but don't take the seeds. The land there can also be taken, but not until the hill is finished.
In Widodo's work there is the use of male and female figures, these symbols are representatives of the next generation. Messages that reach the people of Batu Lumbung by word of mouth are messages that are conveyed mystically, with the intention of maintaining the continuity of their habitat.

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