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Widodo Kabutdo - Langit Membiru Di Bulan Maret Kelabu (2020)

$2 500
Acrylic on Canvas, 45x86x4 cm
In stock
Product Details
Artist: Widodo Kabutdo
Artist Origin: Indonesia
Medium: Acrylic
Year: 2020
Artwork Types: Painting
Signed and Dated: Lower Right
Colour: Purple
Subject Matter: Landscape
Styles and Movements: Surrealism
Size: Small

Curated by Vonny

This painting is inspired from the depths of the water perspective, when Widodo lived on a cliffside. There, Widodo observed the state of the sea that showed beautiful coral reefs and clean oceans.
This painting shows a contrasting situation, where Covid-19 looks so tense and worrying, but on the other hand Widodo feels a calm and beautiful situation on the slopes of the cliff.
The boat symbol depicts the journey, the worried woman's face depicts a paranoid atmosphere regarding the Covid-19 situation which seems to describe a chaotic situation like in the time of Noah. Dolphins describe sea creatures that are friendly and very human. For Widodo, dolphins represent good nature, help, and a symbol of love.

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