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The Metaphorical Signs of Stevan Sixcio

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

“Artworks appear not because they are thought about, but because they are felt. Life is not a process of discovery but a process of creation. I didn't find myself, I created myself, setting up myself to be an artist."

That is the life motto of Stevan Sixcio Kresonia (b.1982), a graduated artist from ISI Yogyakarta. His artistic journey started a long time since he started exhibiting his works 13 years ago and has tried various painting styles, from realist to abstract.

It seems that Stevan has reached the point where the semi-abstract way of expression has given him inner satisfaction, which is shown in his painting titled “Sharing Rations” (130 X 130). It illustrates three faint figures with a large glass in the middle of them. We will guess the figure on the left is a woman while on the right is a man. The middle figure, who seems to be a man, talks with the man on the right. Meanwhile, the women just listened silently. But we don't know what they are talking about because the space is dominated by a mound of red bricks colour, with gloomy shadows cast by black-tone colour behind the woman and blue behind the man on the right.

Move on to another of Stevan's paintings, "Untitled" (170 X 110), which is painted in a pale bluish-green and has a woman talking with a man who is talking with his back to the camera so his face is hidden. The woman is drawn in basic black lines, whereas the guy is depicted in maroon. However, in “Men See Women” (90

X 80), another man is delineated with a more clearly painted face that fills half of the canvas, while the lady is drawn simply with black line strokes. On a yellow background, a tree can be seen in the distance, indicating that the event took place outside. Although the woman is just a simple line, she has a gorgeous figure with curves on her body, which may be why she was caught the man’s attention.

The male-female relationship seems to be a favorite subject in Stevan's works. For example, “Speak-speak” (150 X 110) shows a pair of young people holding hands affectionately in a jungle of abstract lines and a mix of green – blue – orange colors dominating the entire canvas. The wilderness of lines repeats itself again in another of Stevan's works, “The Big Lady” (157 X 114), where a woman is vaguely on her knees, representing a woman who is dominating the entire canvas.

The exciting thing about Stefan's paintings is that we can interpret them in various ways because the atmosphere they create is vague. This makes it a flexible space for viewers to interpret according to their feelings.

Writer: Anna Sungkar

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