Abdi Setiawan


Abdi Setiawan, born in 1971, mostly works in the medium of sculpture. Has been actively pursuing higher education in the arts at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta in 1993–2003 in the department. IFI-LIP became the location where Abdi first held his solo exhibition in 2004, entitled “Gairah Malam”. The sculpture works in his solo exhibition want to fully depict a series of stories, with life-size statues of the human body in a simulation of a living room in a brothel.

     Abdi Setiawan who are members of the art community Sakato (SakatoArtCommunity)in Yogyakarta is often raised human figures in his work. As an artist who combines painting and sculpture, Abdi also conducts exhibitions or exhibitions both at home and abroad. Most of hisworks are purchased by collectors from Italy.

      Abdi Setiawan This solo exhibition style seems to be one of his trademarks. Such as his solo exhibition at the Red base Art Gallery, Ciputra World 12th floor, Jakarta, from October 30 to November 30 2014. This time, Abdi talked about violence, especially what happens to children or even that is perpetrated by children. Those who are generally synonymous with sweet and innocent images, can be different because they are also part of the reflection of the adult world.

       Until 2019, Abdi has held dozens of joint exhibitions and five solo exhibitions. Two of his solo exhibitions were held in Belgium, entitled “New Sculpture”, at the Andre' Simoens Gallery, Knokke –Zoute. And in the Netherlands with the title "New Sculptures", at the Metis Gallery, Amsterdam. Abdi was also one of the finalists for the 2001 Phillip Morris Art Award.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

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