Chrisye Alifian


Chrisye Alifian is an artist born in 1995, in Lumajang, Indonesia. His works often show many pieces of events that he has experienced. The snippet of the event could be the one that had the most impact on his life or just a light incident but so interesting that Chrisye responded through his works. Chrisye thinks that life is actually just a pile of footage of events. Through his work, Chrisye actually wants to share stories about the happenings in his life and what he absorbs from the surrounding environment. Chrisye takes his creative process through a realist approach. This approach is used as a trigger, and the rest is him freeing his emotions according to what he wants to tell. Chrisye also really likes movies. Many of his favourite film's scenes were referenced and then reconstructed to fit the scene he wanted to present.



Pameran “Pintu belakang” semeru art gallery, Malang

Pameran Art Journal, di Dewan Kesenian, Malang


Pameran Simsalamin, di Graha Insan Cita, Malang


Pameran “light space” 299 artlab, september, Batu.

Pameran Kolektif Omnivora, di Dewan Kesenian Malang

Pameran”TRA- Merespon Pangan”, 1 Mei, Dilo, Malang.


Pameran “Berulah”, September, Warung Kopi Cangkir, Lumajang.

Pameran “Analogi Juli”, Juni, Semeru Art Galeri, Malang.

Pameran “ALPA #2”, Malang 

19-21 April, Gedung Sasana Budaya UM.


Pameran “Rejected”, Batu 4-8 Desember,  Galeri Raos.

Pameran “Ultrabiotik”, Desember, Pasar Umum   Kota Malang, Malang.

Pameran “Blue Period”, Malang April, Galeri Semeru.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

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