Deden Sambas WAF


Deden Sambas (b.1983) in Bandung, is a multifaceted artist, he is a painter, performance activist and also works on various sculpture objects who have been active in the city of Bandung since the 1990s. As a self-taught artist who studied in the Sanggar Olah Seni (SOS) environment, Babakan Siliwangi Bandung between 1983 and 1985, he dared to leave the standard of the painting studio by exploring various forms of expression and materials. He was also involved in several performance arts activities and was invited to a workshop held at R-66 Bandung, “Orientation” at FSRD – ITB, 1995, “Urbanization” with Southeast Asian artists in Bandung in 1998, “Logika Labil” at Cipaheut studio in 1998. 2000. Bandung Biennale 1, in Nuart – Bandung in 2001, residing at Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF), Majalengka in 2018. He remains active in SOS until now.

Resides and works in Bandung. He is a self-taught artist known for his unique installations. He partakes in diverse group exhibitions, namely Bakar Tanah, Jatiwangi Art Factory (2017); Mask Craft, Bale Handap, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (2017); Art Paris, Grand Palais-Champs Elysees, France (2010); and Manifesto, the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta (2018). His latest solo exhibition was titled Deden Sambas W.A.F & Benda-Benda and organized at Galeri Orbital, Bandung in 2019. He earned an award several times for his artworks, such as becoming the winner of the 2009 SCMP Art Futures at the Hong Kong Art Fair.

For the last few years, he has been creating artworks utilizing crafting method. He views it as the most frequently used method to make artwork in the country. He discovered many unique findings regarding the material processing method when visiting craftsmen. He understands that handicrafts are often found in daily life. These include wickerwork, hoe, stove, or other products made using various natural materials and items that are easily found such as steel and plastic sheet. He views crafting as an artistic practice that needs to be put in equal position to other art forms developed recently.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

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