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Widodo Kabutdo - HORIZON AND ELEPHANT (2020)

$2 000
Acrylic on Canvas, 94x86x4 cm
In stock
Product Details
Artist: Widodo Kabutdo
Artist Origin: Indonesia
Medium: Acrylic
Year: 2020
Artwork Types: Painting
Signed and Dated: Middle
Colour: Brown
Subject Matter: Landscape
Styles and Movements: Surrealism
Size: Medium

Curated by Vonny

This painting depicts balance. According to Widodo, obtained knowledge can sometimes be ignorant. This statement was made by Widodo because he saw the situation of people with high knowledge was not in harmony with nature, culture, society, etc. The human symbols in this painting depict acrobatic situations, sometimes the position is above, sometimes it can be below. There is an existence of vertical and horizontal relationship, but we must still maintain the balance of nature with knowledge.

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