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Price Matching Program

Last updated: 2021-06-03

We guarantee our competitive prices. If you find a current lower price on an identical in-stock item (artist, title, dimensions) from another local competitor’s website, we’ll match the price. Just bring the ad, printout, or photo and show us so we can validate the price on the competitor’s website or ad to complete the price match. Said items must be in stock and available for immediate sale and delivery from competitor to ship to customer’s location.


Please note that in all cases, for the Price Matching Program to apply, such competitor’s price has to be lower than L Project’s by a specified percentage that falls into these categories:

  • Category 1: for $700 or below: 10%

  • Category 2: for $701 - $1200: 8%

  • Category 3: for $1201 - $1900: 7%

  • Category 4: for 1901 - $3999: 5%

  • Category 5: for $4000 or above: 5.5%


Calculation example: an artwork sold in L Project is priced $1230. This falls into category 3. For Price Matching Program to qualify, a local competitor’s price must be $1143.9 or lower ($1230*(1-7%)).


Local competitor: A local competitor is defined as a company whose business is in the field of selling curated fine art, and is selling them online. The said business must be located in the territory of Jakarta, which here is defined as local.


Current ad: A “local” competitor’s current ad is defined as an ad that clearly shows inclusive current dates, and is sponsored by the retailer. Photos of a shelf label/price do not qualify as an ad.


Identical item: item that has the same artist, dimensions, title, medium, colour, and sign and date.


In stock: item must be currently in stock at the select authorised online business’ website at the time the request for the price match is made.


Market Place Prices: price matched items must be shipped and sold by the select authorised retail online competitor. For example, on XArt, the item must be sold and shipped by XArt to qualify.


  • L Project will match a lower price from select authorised online retailers on any identical stock assortment item currently available for sale and delivery to the customer’s area. Exceptions include, but not limited to clearance, concession, special orders, closeouts, auctioned items, and restored items.

  • Competitor’s prices must be in United States Dollar.

  • Competitor’s price must be lower by more than the specified percentage per categories written above than the price of L Project’s

  • Competitor’s lower price must be in force and effect at the date of purchase.

  • Competitor must be a Local Competitor.

  • You can benefit from a price match up to 14 days after the date of purchase at L Project: In the case that a price match is required after the date of purchase, the proof of the original purchase at L Project is required, as well as the proof that the Competitor’s lower price was in force and effect at the date of your purchase at L Project.

  • Prior to accepting to match said lower price, L Project reserves its rights to verify whether the Competitor veritably offers a lower price for an identical product at the date of purchase in order to make a fair and just price comparison.

  • Price match quantities are limited to one price match per identical item, per customer, per day.

  • L Project reserves the right to update or modify the terms of Price Matching Program at any time.

  • To qualify for a proof of a price when requesting a price match:

    • For Local Printed Ads: Present the entire printed advertisement. Photos or photocopies of the ad cannot be accepted as verification of a competitor's printed ad. Digital versions of printed advertisements are accepted.

    • Online Prices: Present the price on your mobile device from a qualifying competitor's website or L Project will then verify the match using L Project device. Screenshots or pictures cannot be accepted.

  • If L Project is not able to verify the lower price, we may decline the request.

  • To receive the reduced price the customer must contact our Customer Service Department at

Program Exceptions

  • L Project will not match commissary prices

  • Third party gift cards, including financial gift cards, cannot be price matched or discounted.

  • Prices as a result of discounts, rebates, free offers, bonus offers, buy one get one offers, mail order offers, coupons, premiums, limited time sales, errors or misprints, liquidation, special order, damaged items, sales tax promotions or tax-free events, or specific one-time-only promotions, including seasonal promotions (e.g., Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day, etc.) and various holiday promotions, special events and/or bundle offers.

  • In case for one-time promotions, seasonal promotions, holiday promotions, and special events and/or bundle offers, Price Matching Program will not be allowed for prices valid from the day of the promotions through the entire week after the promotions.

  • Pricing available to select groups of customers, such as loyalty members, acquaintances, and prices that only display on a website after guests log in.

  • Volume or wholesale discount pricing offered by competitors.

  • Competitor’s discounts that apply to multiple products at a time, in manner that it is not possible to assign such discounts to a particular item, including but not limited to “buy more, save more” types of discounts.

  • Third-party marketplace sellers, auction sites, or closeout/discount sites.

  • Prices from bid and auction websites.

  • Sales tax and shipping is excluded

  • Pricing due to typographical errors, competitor doorbusters/lightning sales.

  • Credit terms and finance offers.

  • Prices on comparison-shopping sites

  • Price difference as a result of web delay due to web caching (memory stored in the computer for future use).

  • Price differences due to timing issues with publishing.


Should you have a question concerning Price Matching Program contact our Customer Service Department at

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