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Widodo Kabutdo - THE COLLAPEST (2021)

$21 000
Acrylic on Canvas, 150x310x4 cm
In stock
Product Details
Artist: Widodo Kabutdo
Artist Origin: Indonesia
Artwork Types: Painting
Signed and Dated: Lower Right

Curated by Vonny

The Collapest painting depicts the war situation of a civilization. The object depicted is full of trash, representing the culture of industrialism and consumerism.

For Widodo, the meaning of plastic is an artifact that is carried from that part of the era. Widodo himself once made an installation object, a statue, and a collage with plastic material to respond to the same theme, namely the question of the sustainability of nature.

The art interactive installation that was created by Widodo during the Pangandaran tsunami has helped many children escape the trauma of the rumbling of water, into a love for the rumbling sound of plastic into a melodious music. Many of Widodo's works have also been created with plastic media.

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