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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Tangerang, November 2021 – After successfully inviting 90 artists to open exhibitions from their respective homes spread throughout the country in participation of Indonesia Art Expo 2021 held on July 5 – August 30, 2021, this time L Project presents the last offline event this year titled “ON & OFF PRESSURE”. “ON & OFF PRESSURE” is an art event that invites 10 street artists who have garnered nation-wide recognition in the world of Indonesia’s street art in collaboration of painting murals together in one area in Tangerang city. This activity also invites well-known street artists such as Anagard, Digie Sigit, Farhan Siki, The Popo, Armand Jamparing, Bujangan Urban, Legal Media, Edi Bonetski, Hana Madness, and Bunga Fatia.

The “ON & OFF PRESSURE” event will be held on 8 - 9 November 2021 in the Alam Raya residential area, Tangerang, Banten. The ten artists will paint on the walls with a total area of ​​±1,500 m2 spread throughout seven points around the Alam Raya housing estate. The choice of place in Alam Raya is based on its strategic location in the Tangerang City area so that anyone can easily find the location of the Instagrammable “ON & OFF PRESSURE” mural exhibition. Also, this event is hoped to make Benda district an alternative art center from Tangerang city.

The curator of the event, Bambang Asrini explained about the essence of the "ON & OFF PRESSURE" event,

On and Off Pressure describes the energy that turns on and off in public spaces. This energy ignites various issues that are present and occur in society. The pressure in this title explains the challenges that come from various parties.”

In addition, this event also aims to provide a deeper understanding and insights - that street art in general as murals is also a derivative of pure art which is often underestimated or misunderstood by the public. This art is often associated with acts of vandalism, hence giving negative connotations that often emerge along with this kind of art branch that uses walls as a medium of expression.

Along with this issue, L PROJECT also wants to provide an understanding to the public that we are against vandalism and want to differentiate vandalism and art activities, citing curator Bambang Asrini's statement, that mural art can have an impact on "Inspiring the Mind, Pleasing the Eyes, and Embracing the Heart” towards anyone who sees it.

The CEO of L Project who is one of the collaborators who initiated this event, Ali Kusno Fusin added that the purpose of holding this event is "We also want to increase the productivity of fellow mural artists to be productive again during this pandemic.

Then most importantly, both senior and junior artists are united in this one event. They can utilize this moment into an art reunion and exchanging views and knowledge among them. Young people can see how their seniors work as well as seniors can see how the world is developing in the eyes of future generations, so this moment can be used for them not only to work but there is a process of exchanging ideas between artists as well.”

L PROJECT hopes that this event can also produce works that can inspire other mural artists, especially in the Tangerang area who will also be able to express themselves through the available walls after this activity is completed on November 10, 2021. Hopefully, this place can become a magnet of new art in the city of Tangerang, especially for activists and connoisseurs of street art.

Not only painting on the sturdy walls of Alam Raya, the ten “ON & OFF PRESSURE” artists will also paint together on canvas on November 10, 2021 - this activity will be the closing of the “ON & OFF PRESSURE” series of events. Later, the works, both murals that have been made and paintings that are done on canvas, can be viewed at or on the official Instagram L Project at after the event ends.

1. Anagard | @anagard_stcl

Anagard, the Indonesian Art Institute-Yogyakarta graduate is well known in the Indonesian art world. He is notable for his works which he mixes traditional and pop culture elements. With his stencil creations, Anagard has participated various art festivals both international and national.

2. Digie Sigit | @digiesigit

Digie Sigit is also another Indonesian Art Institute – Yogyakarta graduate. He is an artist that explores various aspects of human reality of marginalization. The humanist approach to his works has led Digie to participate various art activities and residences held in regions across Asia and Europe.

3. Farhan Siki | @farhansiki

Farhan Siki, monikered as the “Asian Banksy”, seldom talks about the capitalism and consumerism in urban life. Farhan actively goes to the streets to work on various street art projects carried out in various parts of the world such as Europe’s Italy, Germany and more.

4. The Popo | @thepopski

As a street artist, The Popo tends to combine text and murals to create an exploration of social criticism and comical characters. The writings displayed have their own characteristics, namely emphasizing the harmony between the phrases.

5. Armand Jamparing | @actmove

Arman Jamparing is a contemporary art artist who explores social criticism with stencil texts and wheat paste. He has participated in many exhibitions both nationally and internationally. His stencil works has literal meanings rather than metaphorical elements.

6. Bujangan Urban | @bujanganurban

The murals and graffiti that Bujangan Urban creates have psycho-geographical themes, which contains a lot of emphasis on the characters that are symbolized by flowers. The artist is known among other fellow mural artists as the founder of Gardu House, which is followed by many other street art colleagues.

7. Media Legal | @medialegal_

More than 20 years of experience, Media Legal has participated in many arts activities that support social movements such as empowerment, education, and freedom of expression. Through his stencil works, he tends to explore the approach to socio-political conditions that empathizes with marginalized communities.

8. Edi Bonetski | @edibonetski

Edi Bonetski is a self-taught mural artist who is known for his eccentric works by incorporating many absurd elements in his works. Through his eccentric ideas, Edi has won many awards at prestigious art events by bringing up various social issues that he has interest in.

9. Hana Madness | @hanamadness

A mural artist known for his bright and comical colors - Hana Madness’ creative process takes a lot of inspiration from her personal experience that is closely related to mental health issues. In this case, street art is an area that is used as a therapeutic medium for expression.

10. Bunga Fatia | @bungafatia

Bunga Fatia’s artworks are pleasing to the eye through various elements. However, at the same time, her artwork is able to provoke and inspire anyone who sees it. Bunga is also known in the street art world as the founder of Ladies on Wall.

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