Updated: Nov 17, 2021


Haris Chandra (left) in an interview with our team, Jewel Djoenaedi (Right)
"Art is the highest thing for humans, and it can be said that art crosses at everything, from culture, ethnicity, to political views. That's why art is the answer for us if we want to improve ourselves. "

This is the first time we meet Haris Chandra face-to-face during the pre-exhibition of Lugas Syllabus’s viewing room in Linda Gallery, Jakarta. Haris, who is known for his role as a vice-president of the Indonesian-Chinese Association (INTI), lately started to take an interest in collecting fine art, especially sculptures of Nyoman Nuarta, one of the famous Indonesian Artists based in Bandung. It is his first time buying collectible art as he assumed that he is a new collector. His interests attracted us to know more about him. Right at the moment, we tried to ask his permission to do some interviews. We sat face to face between the Nyoman Nuarta’s Moksha- A sculpture that Haris Bought for the first time from the Linda Gallery – with Lugas Syllabus’s painting hanging in the background. Once the camera turned on, the interview started to begin.

Q: What makes you interested in collecting fine art?

Haris: Actually, this story came since I was younger whether I do not know if I have art DNA in my blood, but one thing that I can assure, I like something beautiful. I like to buy paintings since I was young, but that (paintings) are not categorized as collectible items. One day I was attending an art fair in China. I’m a little bit confused “how come this one art fair can be so crowded.” Then I saw one of the Chinese national flowers (painting) there. I succeeded in bringing that painting home, and after I put it in my house, I feel tranquil toward it, and my love for art is getting bigger every day for every painting, which I think is good.

Q: What is the story behind your first-bought painting?

Haris: That (peony flowers) is actually a modest painting that symbolizes prosperity. With that kind of theme, we as a Chinese descendant must be understood toward the positive meaning behind this paintin