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[L-PROJECT] Did Pandemic Affect the Trend of Buying Arts? : A Simple Explanation.

Updated: Nov 25, 2021


The pandemic had affected many industries and many had to change the way they do business. The arts industry, for instance, during the first few months into the pandemic, many art-related activities such as exhibitions, shows, and physical interactions between art enthusiasts, artists, curators, and collectors worldwide had to be shut.

Still, artists strive to maintain their creative spirit by producing works amidst the situation. This resulted in many artworks being related to the pandemic. For example, Kukuh Nuswantara, a Modern and Contemporary-based artist, made a creation with the title of Pahlawan Covid-19 (2021) – translated as COVID-19 Heroes.

Kukuh Nuswantara, pandemic, covid-19 heroes, acrylic painting
Pahlawan Covid-19, Kukuh Nuswantara, Acrylic on Canvas

It shows the endless struggle of the medical team in fighting for the pandemic. On the other hand, Aam Artbrow had a different approach in describing the situation. He made artwork by visualizing what was happening in Indonesia during the pandemic, which was collecting some exotic plants.

Artists and galleries need some innovation to be able to survive. Many people have taken to the internet for shopping, learning, entertainment, and work as a result of the lockdowns. Simultaneously, many companies are accelerating internal digitization for workers, consumers, and suppliers. Keeping in touch with galleries and potential buyers online is one of the ways an art gallery could do to be able to survive.

However, how about the demand to buying art during a time of crisis like this?

Buying artwork online increases and more successful than anyone would have imagined. Covid-19 had driven the majority of art operators such as exhibitions, physical galleries, art fairs, and auctions to go digital.

Exotic plants, hobbies, Collect plant, Indonesia, Pandemic, hobbies
Pohon Hijau - Aam Artbrow, Acrylic on Canvas

Based on the “Online Art Trade Report 2020” by Hiscox, an insurance provider company specializing in fine art and personal accident insurance, there is an increase in purchases of artworks through an online buying platform. 2020 marks the golden year of online marketplace for art selling as there is a 67% in behaviour of buying arts online. The statistic was 23% higher than in 2019. The Increasing statistics up to 82% can also be seen toward the new art collectors who bought arts in an online manner. The number was almost double the last year’s percentage in 46%.

Price transparency is one of the reasons why people tend to buy online during this circumstance. Empathy is also contributing to this digital initiative. In conclusion, the demand for buying arts is increasing. Artists and art coordinators believe that this trend will not end even when this pandemic is over, the trend of buying arts virtually is believed to grow by following the sporadic emerge of digital art platforms worldwide for at least five years onwards.


"2020 marks the golden year of online marketplace for art selling as there is a 67% in behaviour of buying arts online."

-Online Art Trade Report 2020, Hiscox


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