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Discover the Latest Artworks: Get to Know the Artists

Check out our latest selection of trending artworks and artists. Stay updated on the most popular pieces in the art world and don't miss your chance to own one of these exceptional works. Join us in celebrating these talented stars and find your next treasured addition to your collection.

1. Medialegal - Wall Street (2017)

Isrol Triono, an Indonesian artist who goes by the name Medialegal. Isrol's love for drawing began in elementary school and has since led him to become a prominent street artist, creating visual art on the streets of Indonesia using the name "Medialegal." In addition to his street art, Isrol also creates graphic works such as posters and merchandise, showcasing his artistic talent in various forms.

2. Arwin Hidayat - Hari Minggu Aku Pusing (2021)

Arwin Hidayat is an Indonesian artist who blends primitive and contemporary motifs in his paintings and works on paper, as well as in his refined batik pieces. His art reflects his personal experiences while also posing subtle questions about socio-economic and moral situations in Indonesia. Hidayat has a fondness for the traditional batik method of decorating cloth, which is reflected in his paintings, and his works have been showcased at ArtJog, a prestigious contemporary art exhibition in Yogyakarta.

3. Yudha Sasmito - Whose Side (2019)

Yudha Sasmito was an Indonesian painter who contributed to the Asian Modern and Contemporary art scene. Born in 1963, Sasmito's works have been featured in numerous auctions, garnering widespread acclaim and admiration for his unique style and artistic vision.

4. Abdul Kohar Muzakir - Joget Joker / Joker Dance (2020)

Abdul Kohar Muzakir is a talented Indonesian artist who graduated from the Indonesian Art Institute University. His impressive list of exhibitions includes showcasing his work at the National Gallery, participating in a joint exhibition with the Malioboro Artist Community, and holding a virtual solo exhibition in 2022 titled "Me and the Wood" on artstep. Muzakir's art reflects his unique perspective and creative talent, and his work continues to gain recognition and acclaim both in Indonesia and internationally.

5. Anni Kholilah - Bersisik Bukannya Ikan Berpayung Bukannya Raja (2019)

Anni Kholilah Lubis, a painter born in 1989, has a passion for storytelling and drawing since she was a child. Her works are inspired by the traditions, politics, and culture of the Mandailing people, reflecting the noble values of holong and domu that grow from the bottom of their hearts. Anni's paintings portray the concept of marsihaholongan, which represents the feelings of affection among people, and leadership is compared to a banyan tree that nurtures everyone under its shade. Her art is a reflection of the society's culture and values.

6. Ezar Mega Risondang - What! (2022)

Ezar Mega Risondang is a creative thinker who loves to collaborate with others to explore new ideas. His keen artistic eye, combined with a strong work ethic, has allowed him to produce captivating works of art that push boundaries and challenge traditional norms. Whether experimenting with different mediums or exploring new concepts, Ezar is always on the lookout for fresh ways to express his artistic vision.

7. Roni Arief Putro - Pink Campaign (2022)

Roni Arief Putro has been creating art since 2015. He finds inspiration from his love of music and comedy, often incorporating these themes into his paintings.

8. Heru Purwanto - Wake Up (2021)

Heru Purwanto (b.1986) is a contemporary artist based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, whose works have been showcased in several exhibitions. One of his recent exhibitions, "Freedom of Creation," presented at Miracle Print in Yogyakarta. Another notable exhibition was "Mini Greenhouse" at Via-Via Cafe in Yogyakarta. Through his art, Heru prompts viewers to question and contemplate the world around them, making him an exciting artist to follow.

9. Lia Irawati - Di Pantai Kuta, Bali (2022)

Lia Irawati had a passion for painting since childhood, and her talent was quickly recognized through various national and international competitions, such as winning 1st place in Bobo, 3rd place in National Mozaic, and placing in the top 5 International Youth Painter in 1998.

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