Fitrajaya Nusananta's Solo Exhibition "Memoir of the Old Master"

Fitrajaya Nusananta's paintings are on display at Soekarno-Hatta Gallery's "Memoir of the Old Master" show, which was organized in partnership with Kunstkring Art Gallery. The show will take place at the Kunstkring Art Gallery in Menteng, Central Jakarta, from December 19th to January 26th, 2022.

" Fitra will exhibit around 40 works from the pop art and contemporary art genres," Andreas Gunawan, proprietor of the Soekarno Hatta Gallery in Blitar, told the press. He hopes to present the audience one of Indonesian artists' "pearls" through this exhibition. "The soft opening is on January 19th, and the grand opening is on January 8, 2022," Andreas continued.

Fitra is a complete artist, according to Andreas Gunawan. He investigates the realm of research in addition to developing talents via formal schooling. "Among other things, each of his paintings has an atmosphere of spirituality about it. Koko, as she is known, adding, "An aura that is formed through the conflict of sentiments while working."

Fitrajaya Nusananta - Venus In The Van Gogh Sunflower Field (2021)