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Meet the Artist: Nesar Ahmad Eesar

An Afghan artist, whose works tell the story of the fate of refugees from conflict countries.

"Eternal Waiting #2" (2021), Oil on Canvas, 130x100x5cm, by Nesar Ahmad Eesar

Born in 1990 in a town called Zabul, Afghanistan, this Contemporary artist - Nesar Ahmad Eesar - started his study in Calligraphy and miniature painting in the city of Kabul, upon the invitation of his brother who is a writer himself.

In 2012, Nesar came to Indonesia because he had won a scholarship to study painting in Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. After finished the school in 2017, he returned to Kabul. However, in 2019 he returned back to Indonesia to continue his Master Degree (Masters at the Faculty of Art & Design) in Bandung Institute of Technology.

His story through his works is interesting to observe, as he used the method of Primadi Tabrani’s visual language that focuses on space, time, and flat. In here, the space, time and flat did not recognize perspective, but they still depict the distance (space) and momentum (time).

The difference between Nesar’s works and other traditional miniature artworks are, the artist tries to make the work in a larger size and uses oil paint on canvas. There is a combination of the two styles of realist and miniature painting.

Nesar has received a few awards, some of them was The Best Student at Kabul Art School in 2009 and 2019 respectively. His painting has also received the Best Predicate at ISI Yogyakarta, and awards for humanity, peace and science in 2017.

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