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Opening Exhibition of "Bertutur"

15 -130 January 2023, Jogjakarta

The title "Bertutur (Speaking)" for the six artists' exhibition is symbolic of two forces, represented by eyes of fire and springs of water, that communicate with each other and wait for a reaction from the audience. The title "Bertutur" also represents the message the six artists want to convey about Indonesian art. They believe that it is full of diversity, but in reality, it has become "blurred" and homogenous, stuck in certain circles, and dismissive of different perspectives. Through the exhibition, these six artists aim to break free from these limitations, use their imagination and explore various interpretations and possibilities as a way to create knowledge that is unique to Indonesian art. They also believe that personal and collective memory are key elements of Indonesian art. - A.Anzieb








Curated by @rmh.kenanga

At @omahbudoyo_official

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