Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Writer: Anna Sungkar

Translator : L Project

“My work rests on objective accuracy by relying on visual facts that combined with fantasy. This combination will be revealing expressive and imaginative symbols without limits. These symbols are built from past deposits that intersect with new experiences. So that the result is a painting that narrates the reality of humans and their environment. "

-Mahdi Abdullah

A mother figure is seen carrying groceries while wearing a blue shawl. She looked half-bent due to the massive loads she was carrying. An awkward circumstance is also portrayed in the painting as a figure of a man who, instead of helping her in carrying the groceries she had, gives her another additional load. The dog-headed man, on the other hand, who stands in the back and gives instructions while pointing his finger at her, doesn't help in anyway. The mother lives in Aceh, a conflict zone where the painter, Mahdi Abdullah, was born and raised. The groceries for her family's survival are amongst the items carried by the mother.