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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

L Project

Satya Cipta, Balinese Artist, Chinese Ink, The Offering, Bali Tradition, Acrylic, Watercolor, 24 gold carat
The Offering - Satya Cipta - Chinese Ink, Acrylic, Watercolor, 24 carat gold on Canvas

Practical comparison to guide you in buying online peacefully.

Purchasing artworks via the internet has become increasingly popular in recent years. In recent years, a slew of art marketplaces has sprung up, each selling thousands of works of art. While it might seem odd at first, multiple art sites are showing a large rise in online art transactions. This means that the digitalization of the art industry will alter how people purchase art in the future.

There are many benefits of purchasing art online. You can quickly widen the scope of your art collection with digital shopping. You just need to make the decisions and you don't need a lot of effort on digital shopping. Though a one-click-away scheme can be convenient, purchasing art online may also contribute to certain potential risks.

Here are some comparison guides for all of the new collectors out there, particularly you, based on the information given above.

YOU SHOULD BUY – I like discovering various artworks in a click!

The online marketplace provides a wide range of artworks from various artists with different styles. You might accidentally discover a new artwork you may have never seen before. The joy of exploring something new will drive you to click every page until you find “the one” that suits your taste.

YOU SHOULD NOT – The Fear of buying a pig in a poke!

Many collectors choose artwork based on personal emotions and a physical attachment to the work. When it comes to online sales, these groups of collectors may have a pretty tough time as they are worried about the imbalance between the displayed pictures and the authentic artwork.

YOU SHOULD BUY – I like fixed prices.

Most of the digital marketplace commonly has a fixed price. Few digital art platforms may include a discount column or category for bargain-hunting buyers. However, if you have more at ease purchasing art when you know the price, online shopping is for you!

YOU SHOULD NOT – Traditional styles suit me well.

Some buyers prefer to have face-to-face discussions with the artist, some even like to attend several exhibitions. Through the offline meeting, some buyers believe that they can target art’s price by doing a bargain. However, in the state of the pandemic, many exhibitions, art fairs, and galleries were shut. The temporary alternative they can implement right now is buying art online.

YOU SHOULD BUY – Less-time consuming

To buy art online, what you need is a computer and access to the internet. The only time-consuming job at hand is comparing and selecting the right art site.

YOU SHOULD NOT – Lack of Information

If you don't have any comprehensive details, you shouldn't buy online. Evidence of authenticity, insurance and shipping agreements, the artwork's current provenance, and other details are all important to remember. If you're uncertain, try to see if you can enter the customer service or FAQ pages.

A strong art forum would undoubtedly lead you in the right direction and politely answer your questions.

Many art portals with curated artworks and reputable names have recently emerged. The only thing you need to do is conduct some internet analysis to discover them. Using the internet to perform analysis will shield you from adverse situations. You can have access to more artworks by different artists all over the world if you shop digitally.

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