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Agung Sukindra


Agung Sukindra is a Yogyakarta-based artist, born in 1964 and graduated from Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta (former named STSRI-ASRI) in 1984. He use photography and painting as his major works since he study in Fine Art Department at ISI Yogyakarta. As an artist, Agung has another experiences in visual works in 1990 till 1992, that was directing photography for some movies, working as photographer and graphic design in Province Town, MA, USA, in 1999 -2001. He also studying frame renovation in Bordeaux, France, in 1994. His photographic works were published in many books, catalogues by Indonesian galleries and Singapore-based galleries also Auction Houses.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

Virtual Solo Exhibition

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