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Andina Tri Augustiani


Andina Augustiani (b.1993) is a doctor who works as quality manager and patient safety in atype A hospital in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. She also has an autoimmunedisease, multiple endocrine dysfunction and benign neoplasm that prevent her frompursuing her career as an opthalmologist specialist. But that doesn't stop her fromcontinuing to keep on creating things. Her work as a manager in a big hospital and atthe same time has physical limitations, made her live under pressure but resulted in herdoing a lot of things she never did before.

Living with a lot of pressure, she read a lot of books and practiced mindfulness toimprove herself, to be capable of accepting everything life has to offer her. Her favoritebooks were Man Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl and Self Compassion by KristinNeff. Those two books changed her a lot. After reading a lot of books and practicingmindfulness, she still felt the need to do something to release her feelings and herpressure. In August 2021, she then decided to buy acrylic paint again. The hobby sheforgot.

Put the canvas on, scrolling through Pinterest, listening to Erik Satie, then making anart. She enjoys her art making progress and can't believe she was capable of creatingsuch an art. After years, there was a significant difference in her painting style and shedidn't know why. She was surprised by the way she can make that kind of art. Shedumbfoundedly looked at her painting, and couldn't believe she made it.

After the first painting, she then ordered another canvas. Big one at this time. Time-lapsing the process and posting it on Instagram Story continuously every time shepainted. She shared everything from her perspective on Instagram as her self-actualization platform. Then a friend of hers (her former senior and boss at the clinic)asked her to buy her paintings. She just can’t believe that somebody appreciates herartwork in a professional way. They truly appreciate her artwork beyond what she can imagine. She then started to sell her paintings in a more professional way.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

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