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Anni Kholilah


Anni Kholilah Lubis (b.1989) As a child, I liked to listen to people's stories while imagining and describing what people were telling me in my mind. Likes to play drawing on paper or on the ground while telling stories in it. Because he likes to make short stories while drawing and fantasizing. In the end, he chose to continue his studies at ISI Padangpanjang majoring in fine arts with an interest in painting, as a place to deepen his knowledge of painting.

Because she likes to tell stories while imagining, Anni's works are inspired by the experiences, life, traditions, politics, and culture of the Mandailing people whose noble values ​​are inherent in holong and domu that grow from the bottom of their hearts and with deep thoughts. . A society based on holong will lead to a society that is marsihaholongan (feelings of affection among each other). That's how the leadership figure is likened to a banyan tree nurturing those under it, both small and large.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

Virtual Solo Exhibition

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