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Antino Restu Aji


Antino Restu Aji (b. 1995). Graduated from  Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta.

Selected Exhibitions:


  • DesignerNetas/Incubate mural Project, JDA, Yogyakarta Indonesia-Disability Mural, Cardiff, UK, from CTC Grant 2020/2021

  • British Council

2020 : Design Cover Single and Music Video Band “The Finest Tree”Design Cover Album Band “Havmand”Collaboration Artwork with “Richey Beckett”London Illustrator


  • Painting at Sahid Raya

  • Yogyakarta Painting at Andrawina Grand Sahid Jaya

  • Jakarta Painting at Office Grand Sahid Jaya

  • Jakarta Painting at Pool Grand Sahid jaya

  • Jakarta Mural Project Collaboration with Raka Adityama Harlah Asri at Teras ASRI ISI, Yogyakarta

2018 : Painting at Pesantren Modern Sahid, BogorMural Project Collaboration with Raka Adityatama and Jagat Suri at Tamansari, Yogyakarta

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

Virtual Solo Exhibition

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