Awang Behartawan


Born in 1970, Palembang, Indonesia. Awang obtained his Education as a Graphic Designer from Modern School of Design (MSD), Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He currently live in Copenhagen, and work between Copenhagen – Yogyakarta Indonesia. He is widely known for his fractals paintings which incorporated between art and a mathematical term that holds the meaning of repetition in life.

Below, we listed his exhibitions in the last five years of 25 years from his artistic journey:


  • Round In Circles. Davis Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

  •  Between Heaven and Earth. Mississippi Art and Culture. Thyholm Denmark

  • PENDULUM. IndonesiaArt Expo. Lproject. Dadi Setiyadi Studio. Yogyakarta Indonesia

  • SCRAMBLED. Gallery KBHKUNST. Copenhagen Denmark


  •  In My Own Space. Gallery Bredgadekunsthandel. Copenhagen Denmark

  • Summer Exhibition. Gallery Bredgadekunsthandel. Copenhagen Denmark

  •  EQUIDISTANT. Gallery Srisansanti. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Art Herning. With Gallery Bredgadekunsthandel. Herning, Denmark


  • A Hope of Miracle. Karmelietenklooster, Gent. Belgium

  • Art Invasion. Gallery Nadine Fine Art. Kualalumpur Malaysia

  • Infinity City. Gallery Nadine Fine Art. Kualalumpur Malaysia

  • Summer Exhibition. Gallery Bredgadekunsthandel. Copenhagen Denmark

  • Winter Exhibition.    Gallery Bredgadekunsthandel. Copenhagen Denmark


  • Winter Show. Gallery BredgadeKunsthandel. Copenhagen Denmark

  • Dot On The Wall. Lorien Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

  • Daemyung International Artist Project. Daemyung Gallery. Soul, South Korea.

  • LovesMe-LovesMeNot. Lorien Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

  • Heritage Me Heritage You. Lorien Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark


  • NewYearsGalla. Gallery Lorien. Copenhagen Denmark

  • WinterExhibition. Gallery BredgadeKunsthandel. Copenhagen Denmark

  • TETRIS. Parallel Yogyakarta Biennale. Gallery Fajdar Sidik. Yogyakarta Indonesia.

  •  HERITAGE INFLUENCES. Pancasila Building. Embassy of the Republic of

  • Indonesia. Hellerup. Copenhagen – Denmark

  •  DISTORTION. Gallery OckenLund. Frederiksberg. Copenhagen Denmark

  • RESOLUTION #3 Poject collaboration. Exhibition – Culture meet/talk - Workshops – Culture night.Gammelgaard Kunst- og Kulturcenter. Herlev Denmark


  • END OF YEAR. Lorien Gallery. Copenhagen Denmark

  • REHASH. Helleruplund. Hellerup. Copenhagen Denmark

  • REPETITION. Amaris Hotel. Solo Indonesia

  •  ARTIVAL 2016. Globalal Art Gallery. Vanløse. Copenhagen Denmark

  • RESOLUTION #2. Volvo Art Loft Gallery. Singapore.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

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