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Deddy PAW


Deddy PAW (b. 1963) on October 18th in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. He paints actively since 1999. He graduated Painting Study Program from the Faculty of Art of the Jakarta Arts Institute and formerly was an art journalist of Daily Media Indonesia. He was the Artistic Editor and Editor of Art for 16 years since 1989 of this nationwide newspaper published in Jakarta. He also graduated from School of Design InterStudi, Jakarta, Department of Graphic Design (1995), and Pusat Grafika Indonesia (Pusgrafin), Jakarta, Department of Graphic Design (1991).


Since 2003, the theme of “enigmatic apple” has been the foundation of the creation of his works. The term enigmatic is based on consideration of the nature of symbolic expressions in his works which provoke questions, mystery, or riddle around the apple in the context of human existence problems. The symbolic meaning of the apple is related prominently to the messages of goodness that attached to the apple's image with human universal context (love, passion, enjoyment, peace, hope, etc.), as well as the aspects of evil and temptation beyond its beauty potential.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

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