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Edi Bonetski


Edi Bonetski is an Indonesian Asian Modern & Contemporary painter who was born in Banten in 1971. He is categorized as a High Street Artist based on his distinctive style. Edi began his artistic journey as a musician during his teenage years. For him, art serves as a channel for expressing his concerns about social issues, which he translates into visual artworks. One of the recurring themes in his creations is the city of Jakarta. Edi draws inspiration from the diverse portraits and challenges found within Jakarta, making it his primary reference when painting.

Edi Bonetski is a self-taught mural artist who is known for his eccentric works by incorporating many absurd elements in his works. Through his eccentric ideas, Edi has won many awards at prestigious art events by bringing up various social issues that he has interest in.

Image by Gyorgy Szemok

Virtual Solo Exhibition

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